So, you have a website. But how do you get visitors? Pay Per Click is expensive, and by the time you learn what hoops you need to jump through to get ranked on search engines - the hoops change. Who has time for that?

Instead, you just need traffic. You need it now, and need it fast. And, you don't have the thousands of dollars for crazy campaigns. Boot Scootin Traffic is free and easy to use. We have thousands of members ready to view your sites. Real people, interested in what you have to offer.

How do you get free traffic? I'm sure you're asking right now. All you have to do is view other people's sites. That's it! As a free member, when you view 3 sites that belong to other people, you will earn 1 view to your website. Upgraded members only need to view 1 site to earn 1 view to their website. As an Upgraded member, you could actually earn 200 views to your website with 10 minutes of seeing other people's sites.

Built in 2008 by Sunny Suggs - Boot Scootin Traffic is back -

But Sunny is taking a break and we are currently working to update and git going again. Please watch for our relaunch in the near future!

PLEASE do NOT Surf or submit ads until we are finished with the updates!!